Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I'm so glad to know that people don't think we're crazy for sleeping in separate rooms. Actually, I really don't care what people think because it keeps me sane! I saw something on tv about it once and a HUGE number of people do it. Maybe we're starting a new trend.

So...guess what time hubby got home last night? 1 freaking am. No call no nothing. I happened to get up around then to check and see if he was home yet, and he had just walked in. His excuse? He was mad at me. Give me a friggin break. So since I was mad at him too, should I have just taken chickadee out to the bars all night and had my own fun? I could tell he'd been drinking, which is a whole 'nother post; more accurately it should be a whole 'nother blog. Hubby got his THIRD DUI in December. THIRD. First since I've known him, but still. So things have been interesting around here lately. I guess I should throw a disclaimer in here, hubby is NOT a bad guy. At all. He's the sweetest, nicest, smartest, funniest, and loving man, he just has his problems like everyone else. He's trying so hard to get through school, work too, be a good father, etc. He ADORES chickadee. He's totally whipped by her, loves her to pieces. Would do anything for her. So when I complain I don't want to give off the impression he's a complete asshole, because he's really not. That said, what he pulled last night was a total asshole thing to do!

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