Thursday, April 5, 2007

I've been having more attacks this week, at least one everyday. God, I hate this. They make me feel so...discombobulated. Out of sorts. I had one today at Georgia's house, and I just felt like crap after. Took chickadee home and we both took a nap. I also took some x@nax and feel better now. I looked up seizures online, and there is such a thing as a petite seizure, where the person doesn't black out but is instead perfectly conscious. They also see images or get strange sensations. Thats' EXACTLY what happens to me. Why can't anyone figure this out? Hopefully my appointment with my mom's doc will help, but it's not til July.

Other fun medical news, my husband had an anal thrombosis this week. Basically a GIGANTIC hemerroid, it looked like a huge scrotum on his ass. He was in so much pain he couldn't walk, and I finally made him go the the university's health center. The doctor wouldn't pop it because it was too big, and just gave him some codeine. That same night hubby was in the bathroom (this is really nasty) and it popped. All over the floor. GROSS. So all yesterday he laid around and tried not to bleed on stuff. I tried to get him to wear one of my maxi pads, but no, he wouldn't do it. We called the doc yesterday to make sure it was okay that it popped, and the first thing that the doc said when he called back was "I heard your butt exploded! that's wonderful!" I had to laugh my ass off at that, and also when hubby was leaving a message for the doc with the receptionist, how he didn't know how to tell her what had happened. He swears she was trying not to laugh as well.

Hubby said he's be home at 7. It's 9. Should I really be surprised?

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