Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who has ever heard of tornado warnings at the same time as blizzard warnings? I haven't, but that's what's going on today. I'm so so so tired of winter. It was nice the past few days and I rushed outside with chickadee (baby girl) and let her walk off her 3 months of frustration being cooped up. Can't wait until we can outside all the time.

Some good news on my part, sorta. I wrote about this on the old blog, but had a really hard time explaining it. For the past few months, well, since last summer, I've been having what I'll call "episodes." You know when you remember a dream that you didn't remember you had, and you say, "oh yeah, I dreamt that!" I'll remember something like that, but it's not familiar to me at all, it just seems like these really random images of things that I've never seen before. Then the left side of my body starts to ache for about 10-15 seconds. Then it all goes away, but it leaves me feeling completely odd and disconcerted. It's an ucky feeling. When they happen, I always get at least 2 in a day, sometimes up to 8 or so. I don't pass out, and if I'm with other people they have no idea they're happening. So of course I'm thinking "what the hell?" I finally went to see a general practioner, who only put me on a different anti-depressant. Didn't work, obviously, and I was pissed that she didn't seem to care. So I went to see my OBGYN, under the pretenses of needing a pap. She recommended me to see a neurologist. Saw him, he ordered a CAT scan, and EEG
(man, chickadee makes this REALLY hard to write. She's so WHINY!), did those, he found nothing. His advice? "Just forget about it." Easy for him to say. I asked him if he could give me anything to calm me down while they happened, and he said I'd have to see a psychiatrist for that. BUT...before you can see a psychiatrist you must see a therapist. See where this is going? Very frustrating. Than I got the bill. Insurance covered 80%, but it's still about $1000. I cried when I got it. I hadn't told my dad about any of this, I don't know why, embarrassment? Or maybe just the fact that my dad and I can't talk about anything. But that's for another time. I sucked it up though because I needed to know if his insurance could help, because he'd been able to cover rx's before. I thought for sure he'd think I was crazy and not understand, but he was totally cool! In fact, the best part of all, it sounds like MY MOM HAD THE SAME THING! There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Not that having this is a good thing, but there's help, and people that understand. I was almost giddy talking to him, I felt such relief. Now my mom's was a little different, she had epilepsy and had grand mal seizures, meaning she'd actually pass out, but a lot of the symptoms are very similar. And hers started after she had babies, too. She even saw a specialist for 25 years, whom I will now see (not until July, but at least I can get in).

That's my big news. I don't feel quite so crazy anymore. We'll see what happens.

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