Monday, March 5, 2007

Took Chickadee to town today. Woohoo good times! We've been sick since last Monday, so I was dying to get out and about. I'm still feeling crappy, but I've had enough of being lazy. Started cleaning house tonight, and I have a whole list of projects to do; taxes, make a scrapbook for my friend, decorate boxes to put on the shelves next to my bed, make butterflies for chickadee's room...etc. I went to a friend's house yesterday for cocktails and I was so jealous of how neat and clean her house was, I'm really trying to declutter and clean. Her baby is only 4 months though, I'm sure her house won't be as clean once that baby is moving around! Anyway, we were loading the grocery bags into the trunk at WalMart as some people in the next car were getting ready to go in the store. An older couple with a small child in the backseat. They started talking to Chickadee and saying how cute she was, etc, and their little girl got out. Mom said, "she's 3, but looks lots older." I replied saying I thought she looked 3. "She was 8 pounds 1 oz 22 inches at birth." I again replied and said that Chickadee was 8.13. Not bragging at all, just trying to be nice. The guy then says, "when my daughter was born, she was 11 pounds 25 ounces. Completely natural. My ex-wife bit me and hit me at the same time." 25 ounces, huh. That's pretty incredible. I just had to laugh as I got in the car, it was such a strange and random conversation.

I have to admit something here, hubby and I sleep in separate rooms. It's SO nice. It all started when I was pregnant, because I was miserable and uncomfortable and had a hard time sleeping. He snores, so when I'd finally fall asleep and he'd start snoring, I'd get pissed. So he moved to the other room to finish out the pregnancy. Then the baby came and she slept in a cradle next to the bed, and like all newborns do, woke up every few hours to feed. Since I nursed, hubby couldn't really do much to help, and since he was in school and worked, he went to the spare room so he could sleep. And he's stayed there ever since. If we sleep together, he wakes me up with his snoring, so I wake him up to make him turn over, then he gets mad that he's awake and can't get back to sleep, it's a never ending circle. I don't mind at all. I like having my own bed, my own blankets, my quiet. I think if it affected our relationship I'd make him come back, but it doesn't. If anything, I think it helps. Except for today. I got up with Chickadee about 6:30, and I knew hubby was going to get up around 8. 8 comes and we go wake up hubby. He just lies there, eyes closed, doesn't even take out his earplugs. I asked him if he was going to get up, and of course he says he didn't sleep well and felt like shit. Um yeah, I feel like shit too, thanks. But you go ahead and keep sleeping. So I say, "well you're not going to see Chickadee at all, since she'll be napping when you get up, and in bed before you get home from work tonight. I just thought you'd want to spend some time with her." I don't think that's unreasonable. His response? "Don't try to guilt me into getting up." Oh my fucking hell. I was pissed. To spend 30 minutes with his daughter is guilting him into something. I was very mature in my response though. I very sweetly told him to fuck off and left the room.

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