Thursday, March 15, 2007

I just got an email in regards to a bridal shower/bachelorette party of an old high school friend. The email was a PDF, with details of times we'll be going places, cost, and all additional info. Wait, let me explain this wedding. It's going to be in Miami. Neither my friend nor her fiancee are from there. Not even close, they're both mid-west kids. Accomodations are at The Palms. Anybody watch entertainment tv? Yeah, the Palms is ritzy glitzy expensive. Then there's a shower present, and a wedding present, then this bachelorette party which totals to $80 WITHOUT alcoholic beverages. Who has this kind of money? Plus I have to drive 2 hours and find a babysitter, overnight. We're not attending the wedding because after paying a lawyer $1500 for hubby's DUI, $800 for his diversion, and $1000 for my cat scans/EEGs, we just can't do it. Plus I'd have to find a sitter for Chickadee all weekend, and my dad will be in Peru and my sister-in-law will be in Texas for the same weekend. I guess I'm most upset/concerned because the girl this is all for was in my wedding and flew across the country to do it. But her dress only cost $30. And her parents are loaded. So I feel guilty for not going in the first place and want to be there for the bridal stuff...but c'mon!

Took Chickadee and drove 50 miles to the nearest Old Navy. Got some capris and shorts. Shorts! I know! And...dum da dum...size 8!!!! I was so excited, this dieting crap is paying off. Except I stopped and got Chickadee some fries and me a biggie diet coke from Wendy's, and I ended up eating half her fries. I looked online when I got home and there are 370 friggin calories in a small fry! Dammit, they weren't even that good. Anyway, 18 months later I finally am the size I was before I got pregnant. That's a good feeling, especially after feeling so down about it for so long. Although I know that Old NAvy sizes big, but who cares. The tag says 8!!!

I love taking Chickadee out, because it makes everyone so nice. They all stop and say how cute she is, and she'll smile for them and say hi. I love it.

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