Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh my hell. I think I'm going to be sick. My nephew was born today, and I was so excited, and my brother asked me to call the rest of the family to let them know, as he was busy at the hospital. I called my other brothers and my dad, then realized I hadn't called hubby. I called him at work and the girl that answered the phone said she didn't think he was there. ???? He told me he was going to work, got ready and left. She went to go check, but my dad called on my other line so I hung up, with the intent to call back. Called back a few minutes later and got a different woman and asked for hubby. He had mentioned working in the kennel (he works at a vet's office), so I thought maybe that's why they hadn't seen him. This chick said they were swamped and would go find him when she was done with the customers. Not a problem. This was about 5. 6 comes and goes, no hubby. Finally at 6:40 I call back, and get the second woman again. She said she hadn't ever gone to find him, so she went to go look. Couldn't find him. She also said that she should've seen him if he'd been working. That's when my heart fell to about my knees. Grabbed chickadee and got in the car. Unfortunately it's about 40 minutes to hubby's work, so I was trying to hurry without speeding, and got there about 7:15. His car wasn't there, and he NEVER leaves before then. So I head for 'bar ave' to see if I can find his car. Can't see it anywhere, and Chickadee is asleep at this point so I don't want to drag her out to scout out the bars. Decide just to go home. Hubby's not home. He's not been answering his cell - but I'm not surprised, he NEVER answers. It's usually just off. Which on a side note, he never leaves his phone on at home, and it's always 'hidden.' I never see it. So I log onto our verizon account and look at who he's been calling. Nothing suspicious. Look at who he's been texting. Just one number, once, and it's local. So using a calling card so my number doesn't show up, I call it. The voicemail says it's someone named Janelle. Now, this could be completely innocent, could be someone from school he's been studying with. Or it could be something not so innocent. Unfortunately verizon doesn't post details for the current week, so I don't know what he's done since the 9th. It's now 9:20 and he's not home. It's spring break so he shouldn't be studying. I just don't know what to do or think. I feel sick, my legs are shaky. In some strange way, I almost wanted to catch him doing something clandestine, as it would give me an out. But not really. I married him because I love him. I do not want to get divorced. I do not want to be a single mother. I do not want to have to move in with my dad or hubby's parents. I do not want to put chickadee in day care while I get a job. I do not want to sell our house. Etc etc. So if he's not at work and not at the bars, where is he?


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