Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturday. Hubby had to go to work for 12 hours. Says he'll be home around 7:30. Comes home at 9:15. His excuse? He heard there was a cool jazz band playing and wanted to go see it, so he stopped by, but it wasn't there. I don't get his reasoning! Why is that okay? Maybe if we talked about it, but for him to just not come home because he wanted to go out pisses. me. off. I can't do that, not with Chickadee. We have responsibilities. I got really upset, so I think that woke him up a little. I had purchased Borat, since we hadn't seen it and from all the hype I figured it would be one that we'd watch again. I laughed my ass off. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. And we had to re-watch it because we missed some of it...

Sunday was a better day. Hubby was actually cleaning! Without me asking him to! We went to the park with Chickadee, stayed for a good 2 hours. Ran into some girls (women? I still think of all of us as girls, even though we're in our mid to late twenties) I know from mom's club. These girls I've tried to get together with before, but they're really flaky. It's another thing that makes me wonder if I try too hard, because they don't seem that eager to get together. I just want friends! Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult? I thought it would be easier because people would be more mature and honest, but I think it's harder. Maybe it's just that I've never been this lonely before, living out in the middle of butt fuck USA, in a tiny town where most people don't have all their teeth.

I get to go to the mental doctor today, finally, after waiting 2 months. Hopefully he'll give me some good drugs, as that's the only reason I'm doing this in the first place. Drugs for my 'episodes,' drugs for sleeping, drugs for my OCD...

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