Friday, April 13, 2007

Has anyone watched that new show, Notes From the Underbelly? I really enjoyed it, although my husband never acted like hers.

I got a call today from a local scrapbook store, with a message to call them back. I was hoping that they needed someone part time to work, as I've talked to the owner about that possibility, since she brings her little girl to work. So I call back. I WON! I don't even remember entering any contests, but I won a free 36 hour crop in the next large town next weekend. Woohoo! How cool is that? So I've been frantically arranging things so that I can go. I've never won anything ever. My dad was supposed to come out that weekend and help hubby with the basement, as hubby has the weekend off, so I talked to my dad to tell him what's going on and he's cool with whatever. I think what I'll do is go Saturday morning, it's about a 50 minute drive, leave chickadee with hubby, then my dad will come out in the afternoon sometime and chickadee will go to my friend's house up the street until the evening. Then I'll come home at some point (hubby and dad aren't super close. They might want me there to intervene) Saturday evening. My dad had even talked at one point about watching chickadee so hubby and I could go on a date, but I'm not too concerned about that. I'd rather scrapbook!

The interview at the daycare center was this morning. All I can really say? Wow. I pull up to this adorable old tiny house in this tiny town about 12 miles from us. Go in and meet the lady and she shows me around. The first thing I notice is how clean everything is. All the toys are put away even though there's a 3 year old and a 2 year old. Come to find out, this lady is like super nazi. She was really nice, but very strict. Stay on the carpet, off of the tile. Put that chair down. Don't touch that. Etc. Etc. And the kids listened. I was rather impressed, although it seemed a tad nitpicky to me. So we talk, look at the schedule, go through the pay rate, turns out that I would have to pay for Chickadee to go to this daycare, as it's staterun. So take that out of the $6 an hour, and that would leave me making about $4.33 an hour. And I was still willing to do it! The money would add up and help, chickadee could interact with other kids, and I could get out a few hours a week. I keep watching as this lady does her thing, trying to keep chickadee happy. She didn't get her morning nap, and it was almost lunch time so she was getting pretty cranky. Saw a high chair and kept trying to get in it and crying. The woman offered to feed chickadee lunch while I filled out the application, so I said sure, why not. She sat the 3 girls at the table, and the 2 regulars sat quietly with their hands in their laps. Chickadee? Not so much. Picking up her fork and her spoon, twisting around. She normally is strapped into a booster, not allowed to sit in a chair, so that was new for her. Then after they were allowed to start eating, chickadee ate all of her fruit, then threw her tortilla on the floor. It was some kind of ham and cheese wrap which was fine, but she doesn't eat big things like that. We still cut up her food into bite size pieces because she doesn't have all of her teeth and can't chew that well. She didn't know what to do with this thing so she does what she always does when she doesn't want it. Throws it on the floor. Well this really pissed the lady off, she grabbed chickadee and strapped her into a high chair. Chickadee of course gets really upset and starts screaming bloody murder, straining around and pointing to me, and I'm just standing there, not really sure what to do. Should I let this woman discipline my child? She'll have to learn if we'll be here everyday, but this seems a little intense. The woman tried to talk to Chickadee, but c was having none of it, just screaming and crying. We decided I should leave the room and see if Chickadee would calm down, so I went and stood in the living room. I think Chickadee calmed down somewhat, but you cannot reason with an 18 month old. It doesn't work. She kept hearing my voice since I was greeting people as they came in for the second shift, so after what seemed like forever I went back in and rescued my baby. She was crying so hard she was hiccuping, something I remember doing as a child, but she has never done before. Poor baby. Don't get me wrong, I discipline my child and she has limits, but come on! What 18 month is going to sit still with their hands in their laps? What 18 month old is going to clean up after themselves? This is stuff we can work on, but I'm not going to be too upset if it doesn't work. She's a BABY for fucks sake.

Oh, this woman also went to pour milk into cups and I told her Chickadee doesn't drink milk. Her response? If she ate here, she'd have to drink milk. Yeah, good luck lady. I've been trying to get her to drink milk since we stopped nursing, but she will not drink it. It's not that I don't WANT her to, she just won't and I can't force it down her throat. She also gave her a cup with a straw, and I said she uses sippy cups. Why? Because I don't want to constantly be mopping drinks off of my floor. She can use a straw, but they leak. I like sippy cups. The lady tells me that sippy cups delay speech development because it strengthens the front of their mouth and not the back. I'd never heard that line of bullshit before, although she said she researched it on the internet. When I got home I looked it up and the only thing I could find said that theory is a load of crap. So Chickadee will continue to use a sippy cup. She talks up a storm, saying more and more new words everyday. I think my doctor or parents as teachers lady or our nutritionist would have mentioned something, but I guess this lady from the sticks knew all. Okay, now that I write this I'm starting to get a little mad. So we decided it probably wouldn't work out, as chickadee wouldn't listen to this lady with me around, the pay sucked, etc. Long story short, I didn't get a job.

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