Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I don't know why I feel like I have to have a TOPIC! when I post, otherwise I feel like I shouldn't write anything. Hell, I'm only writing it for myself, who cares if it's boring as hell?

It's been such bad weather this past week. I don't get it. It's April, it was so nice, dressed chickadee in adorable tiny shorts, myself in not so adorable shorts, went to the park, the zoo, our front yard, on lots of walks, we were loving it. Chickadee was getting out of the house, I was getting some exercise, my flowers were blooming, and then...coldness. Snow and rain. My flowers are now dead and I've had to pull out the sweaters and put away the self-tanner. Such a tease.

I just spent $70 at toysrus.com on some clearance toys. A really cute talking vanity, Cranium and a my little pony toy. I can't give them to Chickadee for a few years, but saving more than 50% on them? Totally worth it. I LOVE getting her toys, especially when it's something I would have adored as a child and never got. I wish I had tons of money to buy her lots of cool stuff, like playhouses for the yard. I think those are so cool. I can't wait to spoil (in moderation) her with dolls and doll houses, dress up stuff, all that fun stuff, and with my luck she'll only want to play with balls and be a tomboy.

Today is Georgia's daughter's birthday. Her daughter that died 3 years ago. I've been feeling rather put off by her lately, so I wasn't sure what to do today, but I knew as a friend I couldn't ignore it. She doesn't want people to ignore it. So I just sent her an e-card and said I was thinking of her, and to call if she needed anything. She called awhile after she got it to thank me, which I appreciated. I don't know what to do about her, I always feel like I'm tiptoeing through our friendship, afraid of whether or not she'll be happy or not. I've decided to let it go. If she wants to continue this, she'll have to start making the effort. I'm starting to feel like I'm the girl chasing the boy, and why the hell should I feel like that? I'm 26 years old, aren't we supposed to be mature adults by this point?

I'm so tired today, I took 2 naps. I know my "friend" should be visiting tomorrow, for which I just. can't. wait. My diet has been shot to hell because all I want to do is eat Easter candy, I cry at the drop of a hat and I'm soooooooooo tired. Yesterday I was listening to the Dixie Chicks newest album, and was holding chickadee. She is usually grumpy after her afternoon nap and likes to be held for awhile, so I was dancing around with her on my shoulder and just realized how much I love her and how lucky I was to have her and of course started crying. I'm such a dork.

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