Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm so glad I have you blogger friends. I wish you all lived close to me so we could hang out and bitch to each other. It's so weird, reading all of your blogs, I really feel like I "know" you, even though we've never actually met.

Okay, so back to hubby. Didn't hear from him all day Friday, and just had a sour stomach all day with worry. I was supposed to go to my neighbor's house at 3 to hang out and drink some wine, which I did, and it was fun, but hubby was constantly on the back of my mind, especially as the time passed. Finally around 7 I decided I just needed to go to town and look for him. My friend, Jen, is so great, she helped so much, being supportive and keeping Chickadee for me. She bathed her and everything so that she'd be ready for bed when we got back. So I went to town (remember, it's 30 minute drive) and went to places where hubby might be, the bars, campus, work, couldn't find him anywhere. I finally gave up and decided to just head home, when I ended up behind him on the road. ANd watched as he threw a cigarette out the window. Argh. So I was wildly honking and waving to let him know I was behind him, so he pulled over in a gas station and I just let him have it. I don't even remember now what I said, but he got the point. He of course said he was still upset by our big argument and how I said I wanted out, blah blah. Not a good fucking excuse. So we went home, got the babe, put her to bed, and talked. Yesterday was good. Today has been good. I went to a scrap yesterday while hubby worked on our basement with my dad. He and I met up for a late dinner on my way home, and had a good time talking and laughing. Came home and really made up (I think my dad heard us, oops). Then today we've been getting along and laughing and joking. So for now, it's much better. Thanks for everyone's concern. I have more to write about, but I have to be somewhere soon.

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